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Our Packages

Young Package

Package for kids below 16 years

30 650

Monthly Membership

Full access to gym

30 1080

Student Package

Requires documents of proof

30 810

Daily Membership

Single day all access to gym

1 110

3 Month Membership

All access pass for enthusiasts

90 2916

6 Months Membership

All access pass for fanatics

180 5832

Gym Rules

No sweat towel, no workout

Ensure you bring a towel to place on machines for workout

Replace equipments after use

After workout replace weights & equipments to where they were

Wipe down equipments after use

Use tissue or the towel to wipe down any sweat left after workout

No bags allowed on gym floor

Don't leave any gym personal belonging on the gym floor, instead store them in lockers

Suitable workout gear must be worn

Dedicated gym shoes, appropriate clothing, no jeans allowed

Let's breathe fresh

Maintain self hygiene, bring clean towel and clothes